Pontoon Boats

  1. Aluminum pontoon boat is made of Aluminum, First time in India, made of fully Aluminum, with all luxurious amenities like sofa, music system.
  2. It is slow sailing boat so the people will enjoy its 25-30 minutes time in boating.
  3. Capacity of this boat is 10-12 person, main purpose is family and groups.
  4. Available in 18-20-24 feet sizes, or bigger on order.
  5. So this unique thing for the people of and it’s a new concept in boating WHICH IS FIRST TIME INDIA. Running and operating successfully.
  6. Two  vessel  in each boat
  7. OBM  recommended    ,,     40  hp     ..
  8. Speed  7 -  10 knots 
  9. Led  lights .
  10. Color  choice   as  per  custumer .
  11. Music  system   sony  or  Panasonic.

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