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  • INDIABUNGY is India's largest boat operating group, with diverse interests in manufacturing of aluminum pontoon boats, aluminium gangway, solutions for floating  jetty, passenger boats, fiber speed boats etc at our factory, water sports and interests in leisure & commercial boat manufacturing. In short, INDIABUNGY is the only integrated boating group in India, characterized by an overriding emphasis on corporate fundamentals and professional management.

    INDIABUNGY has emerged as the leader in India’s boating industry with a plethora of international and national companies drawing on our expertise. Supported by alliances with the world’s best, across both boating and business domains, it’s no wonder INDIABUNGY is acknowledged as the go-to organisation for boating related activities in India.

    Rarely does an organization bestride its field of expertise and encapsulate these attributes quite like INDIABUNGY. Put simply, it is the driving force of the revolution that is rapidly transforming India’s many lakes  and   tourist  spots,  and coastline and innumerable waterfronts into the most exciting boating destination in the world.


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